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Why Choose Andren Home Inspection?

At Andren Home Inspection we understand the importance of selecting the right home inspector. You want a honest inspector with integrity who has the technical knowledge and hands on experience to be able to fully understand and thoroughly inspect your home. At the same time, you want an inspector who has the right personality and communication skills to relate the findings in a way that thoroughly informs you of the condition the home, while being sure all the information is given with the proper prospective making the inspection experience educational, pleasant and professional.

With over 10 years of residential construction experience as a home builder/re-modeler and having received professional training at the American Home Inspectors Training Institute, owner and sole inspector of Andren Home Inspection, Garett Andren is superbly qualified and deeply committed to providing the community with the highest quality Inspection Services. Andren Home Inspection uses state of the art tools and inspection techniques to help obtain the best most accurate information possible. We also believe the Inspection Report is just as important as the inspection itself because the information the inspector collects is only valuable when it is clearly communicated to the client. Our top of the line reporting software, complete with full color photos and graphic installations, ensures every report is complete, thorough and easy to read. At Andren Home Inspection we place and emphasis on customer education and we take the time to clearly explain all the findings of the inspection by conducting a full review of the report with the client. As important as knowing the current condition of your property is knowing what you can to do to help prevent future problems with your home. In an effort to support your on going home maintenance and prevention routine every customer of Andren Home Inspection receives a copy of the "Home Maintenance Manual". This maintenance manual is an easy to follow guidebook to help you maintain your home as well as a thank you for choosing to work with Garett and Andren Home Inspection for all of you home inspection needs.  

Services We Proudly Offer

Home Inspection Services. 

Every Andren Home Inspection receives the attention to detail and caring that comes from an expert who has an appreciation for craftsmanship and is thoroughly familiar with the workings of the integrated systems in your home. With that knowledge Garett Andren will make an assessment of the condition of your property at the time of the inspection using visual observations, non-invasive tools and normal homeowner operational controls; any deficiencies of a specific system and component are compiled in an inspection report. We always perform every inspections in compliance with the Standards of Practice set forth by the Washington state department of licensing, copy available with the pre-inspection agreement upon request. 

The Buyers Inspection is a complete home inspection generally preformed for a potential home buyer after placing an offer on a home. The purpose of the inspection is to provide the client (buyer) with honest impartial information on the condition the property. After completion of the on site portion of the inspection, the inspector will prepare a detailed Inspection Report of a Buyers Inspection is prepared for and electronically delivered to the client (buyer) exclusively and may be shared with other parties at the direction of the client (buyer). 

Buyers Pre-Inspection

The buyers pre-inspection is a home inspection usually performed for home buyer prior to placing an offer on a home. This inspection service is ideal for prospective home buyers in a competitive real estate market who want the important information about the condition of the property needed to make the right buying decision. Often, time is of the  essence, when placing an offer on a home and the buyers pre-inspection can help you prepare the best most informed offer possible and in some cases speed up the transaction process, making your offer that much more competitive. Buyers pre-inspections are offer without a written report for a reduced rate.      

The Home Check-up Inspection is a complete home inspection preformed for a homeowner not associated with a real estate transaction. Home Check-up Inspections are generally for homeowners who have an interest in preserving their homes in good condition and need professional help doing so.

The Sellers Inspection is a complete home inspection generally preformed for a potential home seller preparing the home for the market. The purposes of the Sellers Inspection vary but are usually is to inform the owner of problems in need of repair prior to listing and showing the home. Some sellers choose to have their home inspected prior to listing in hopes of obtaining offers without being subject to inspection. Some sellers elect to have a Sellers Inspection in order to comply with disclosure laws. The inspection report of a Sellers Inspection is prepared for and delivered to the client (seller) exclusively and may be shared with other parties only at the direction of the client (seller). Sellers may choose to make the report available to potential buyers and the potential buyer may contact the original inspector for a Review Inspection.   

The Radon Inspection is conducted in order to determine the radon levels of a home and to learn if radon-reduction measure are appropriate. The inspection consist of a four step process where in the inspector locates and activates passive detection and collection sample containers in the home for a period of time. The containers are then retrieved by the inspector and sent to a laboratory for analysis. When the result arrive the will deliver and review the results.  

The Review Inspection is an on site review of the Sellers Inspection Report for the potential buyer. A review inspection is preformed for the buyer in a transaction after an initial Sellers Inspection been completed for the seller. The review is when the same inspector returns to the home to preforms a thorough walk-through and review of the content of the report with the buyer.